Questions to ask before building a Data Strategy

Building a data strategy is a great idea. It helps to avoid many of the Challenges of a Data Science Projects. However, there are many questions to address before getting started. Below is a list of some of those questions.

General Questions Before Starting a Data Strategy

  • Do you have a process for solving problems involving data?
  • What are the biggest challenges in your business?
  • Do you have a data team (size/roles)?
  • What specific questions do you want answered with data?
  • Do you currently use data to answer any questions?
  • Do you have any dashboards?
  • Do you have a data governance document?
  • What data do you collect?
  • What are the organizations long-term plans?

Technical Questions Before Starting a Data Strategy

  • How and where is your current data stored?
  • Do you have a Business Intelligence (BI) tool?
  • What is the current data infrastructure?
  • Do you have a data warehouse?
  • Do you use any external data?
  • How long is data stored?
  • What data tools are available?

This list may continue to evolve, so what do you think is missing?