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Meet the team that makes it happen

BI Solutions For Every Industry

Meet the team that makes it happen

BI Solutions For Every Industry

ELA Analytics is changing how business is done

Together, a bit at a time

Our Approach

Data Science

We think data is more important than gold, but you need to mine it as well.

ELA Analytics is your genuine partner in data driven company journey. We see data as the biggest potential to achieve our client's business goals, control their economy, know the market and competition better and come with innovative solutions.

  • Understanding the Data Situation
  • Data Preparation
  • Visualizing the results
About us

Our Consultants

ELA Analytics consultants provide valuable support to ensure continuous data system availability. If you need a data science or analytics consultant, we can deliver an experienced professional within days.

For example, your data consultant can help you with:

  • Developing, designing, or administering your database
  • Performing database upgrades and migrations
  • Optimizing database systems for performance efficiency
  • Testing and fixing bugs

Because our consultants have extensive experience with similar projects, you are guaranteed a valuable addition to your team from the start.


Our Team

Our Skill Set

ELA Analytics is a continued work of ELA, but more specified into Advanced Analytics and Data Science. We work with a full range of customers and tasks; from managing some of the largest IT projects to develop smaller solutions for start-up companies.

Our skill-set is as diverse as our team itself, ranging from services in IT Consulting, Data Science & Engineering, Business Intelligence & Visualization, Branding & Marketing Strategy, UX/UI services, and more.

On top of our professional skills and expertise, we are proud to be a driven & hardworking team, highly motivated, flexible, and open-minded towards all challenges. Our aim is to meet all of your needs and provide high-quality service to our clients.


Artim Dauti

Team Lead Macedonia


Besim A. Ismaili

CTO and Team Lead Norway


Fatima Zahra

Data Engineering Partner