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Bayer CMOs

Elevating analytics for Bayer, this initiative harmonizes data from various CMO providers into a unified,

HDIR Datawarehouse

Our work and persistence are making us among the fastest-growing companies in the region. Our ambition knows no limits.


Pioneering a unified healthcare journey in Norway, Helseplatformen integrates

Move AS projects

At the forefront of data innovation, our partnership drives transformative projects across diverse sectors.

FHI Project

FHI LMR project is centralized data solution for medicines in entire Norway. ELA Analytics will provide with expertise on creating Enterprise Datawarehouse solution that will make it easy for Analytics and Reporting.

Cognite Data Fusion

ELA Analytics helps Cognite with Data Engineering expertise within Cognite Data Fusion platform dedicated to Oil and Gas industry.

Ikea HR Data

We help Ikea create a better business with people’s data.


We developed a Power BI based connector to visualize their data and extract insights about property renting


Create cost models that various suppliers have with Ruterr Billettkontroll.

Tine SA

Bring insights to decision makers for their School programs (Skolelyst) and Vending Machine sales.

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